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    Chuck Berry

    Rock n Roll was originally Black music.

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  3. "I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am."
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  4. Blessed Day of Atonement… 19 years ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called upon more than a million Black men of all backgrounds to the nation’s capital for one of the largest - if not THE largest peaceful gathering in American history - for a beautiful display of love, brotherhood, and unity that reflected Allah’s (swt) Oneness. It was a day that Black men atoned for their sins and reclaimed their natural position as leaders and builders of a New World. The Time to bring back the Spirit of the #MillionManMarch has come… In this Hour, we have no choice but to seek forgiveness, love self, come together and change our condition. Do the knowledge, do the wisdom, and insha’Allah, you’ll understand. #LetsMove #OriginalNation #Farrakhan #NationofIslam #BlackLove #BlackPower #BlackUnity #MillionsMoreMovement

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    he’s beautiful

    Still one of my favorite pics

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    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated in How To Eat To Live, “The Muslims do not eat nor drink from before sunrise until she, the Sun, has set. If you take it, the fast of Ramadan with them (the Muslims) you are doing the right thing until this evil world has vanished.”

    We are practicing fasting of the eyes by not looking lustfully at the opposite sex. We are practicing fasting of the tongue by controlling ourselves from speaking obscenity. We are even fasting with our feet by not taking ourselves where we should not be. How can we say we are fasting if we are standing in a night club surrounded by temptation and lewdness?

    The ear should be fasting. We don’t spend our time listening to music all day with low influences designed to fan the fires of passion and other “pastimes” such as indulging in sport and play. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, “He who does not desist or stop from obscene language and acting obscenely during the period of fasting, Allah has no need that he did not drink or eat.” Every aspect of ourselves should be subjected to the stillness of restraint from engaging in immoral activities as well as activities that are empty or vain.

    The Holy Month of Fasting in Ramadan is a secret between the Believer and Allah (God), Most High. For Allah knows best of our fasting; He knows if we are keeping to clean thoughts, the pure actions. He knows whether or not we have cursed our brother or sister out. He knows if we’re sneaking in the refrigerator in the midday. These are aspects of the self that we must eradicate by changing these bad habits of egoism that we all have suffered from.

    We are not fasting to lose weight. We’re fasting to lose our egos. If we fast with the right mindset, we are putting aside the basic hungers of life. When we are able to put our hungers aside the Enemy cannot control us through our stomachs and low desires. What beautiful advice we have from the Holy Prophet of Islam in these words, “cultivate within yourself the Attributes of Allah (God).”

    Who among us is vying or competing for a level of God-consciousness that would allow us to stand out among people because of our good works toward others as one seeking the path of the Straight and Narrow? Not for the sake of vanity but the pleasure of Allah (God). In a Tradition of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), he was asked by one of his companions, “(What do you say about when) a man does a deed for the sake of Allah, and people love him for it?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “That is the immediate glad tidings of the Believer.”

    In the love of people for a person and his or her good works Allah sends us good news of the reality of our belief. If you are one that people have said, “Oh, that’s a good brother. I can always count on him. That’s a good sister. What a beautiful support to the community that brother is.” Know that reputation you are building with the brotherhood and sisterhood is the confirmation of the same reputation that you’re building with Allah (God), Most High, when our intent is pure.

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes in Message to the Blackman in America, pg. 84, Islam “heals both physical and spiritual ills by teaching what to eat, when to eat, what to think, and how to act.” Let us in this Holy Month look into our fasting as a means of cultivating our character by staying away from obscenity and acting ignorantly toward one another. Let us conquer our desires. Let us through righteous works, good deeds, and self-discipline conquer the darkness of self by going to war with the ignorance of self and the ignorance of society in this month.

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  8. "The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated,“The Fast of Ramadan, the Discipline of Prayer and Reflection through the reading of the Qur’an at prescribed times during the days is the greatest aid in developing discipline.” Prayer and fasting strengthens our discipline. We must purge the Enemy’s mind and thoughts from ourselves. We fast externally by abstaining from marital relations with our wives and husbands and from eating or drinking any beverages during the daylight hours. We are not only fasting externally (physically) from eating, drinking, and the passions during the daylight hours but we are also fasting internally (spiritually) by staying away from arguing, anger, lewd behavior, gossip, and other negative character traits, while seeking to cultivate the best of ourselves through self-restraint. Fasting in Arabic is called Sawm, which means “to be still” or “to be motionless” as it relates to a specific activity or desire by practicing restraint."
    — Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad (via asiaticsociety)

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  10. Representation of an Indian prince eating in the land of the Ethiopians or East Africans (Zangis). Mughal, Akhbar period, c. 1590.
    Ikhlas Khan, Chief Minister of Bijapur.
    Sidi Haider Khan, Nawab of Sachin (centre) with his brothers. 1930.
    Yasmin Mahal, wife of Wajid Ali Shah, the last king of Oudh in Uttar Pradesh.
    African lyre player. 17th Century.
    Malik Ambar (1548-1626). Ethiopian Chief Minister and regent in Bijapur. By Hashim, ca. 1610-20.


    An exhibition and conference highlight rare images of the contribution of Africans to Indian society.

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    History sure is cyclical.

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